Why You Need Microblading Your Eyebrows Now  

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Microblading is now a growing trend in the cosmetics industry. The past years have been very creative and game-changing for women and some men who want to have perfect eyebrows permanently. Having amazing eyebrows can change your overall look, the color, symmetry, and its volume is very important to achieve a fresh and fierce look. A lot of people are now ditching their eyebrow pencils and switching to a new trend, which is microblading.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic process wherein a tool is used to create light hair strokes to increase the volume of your eyebrow and make it permanent. If you are quite conscious of your thin eyebrows and you seem to not achieve the looks that you want with eyebrow pencils, then microblading is for you. Before searching microblading Seattle near you, get to know more the benefits you get when you try microblading:

No Maintenance

With your old eyebrow routine, you may have to pluck and shave them regularly, which is quite a hassle. Also, when you are in a hurry and your eyebrows needs a quick fix, we all know you need more than 5 minutes to get them done perfectly. That is why microblading is perfect for you. After microblading, your eyebrows will no longer need quick fixes. You can finally say, you woke up like this!

It’s Waterproof

The number one enemy of perfectly etched eyebrows is water. Sweat and water can definitely ruin your eyebrow after you have painstakingly drawn them perfectly. But with the microblading process, you can now have permanent eyebrows that are waterproof and perfect just the way you want it!

Cost Efficient

Imagine the dollars you spend on buying one pencil eyebrow, we know one is not enough. Sometimes we tend to blend other colors to achieve the perfect color that we want. With the microblading process, you can now have a permanent eyebrow. No more binge shopping and wasting your money on eyebrow pencils that are very expensive. Just think about the savings that you will have with microblading.

Natural Look Results

Unlike other permanent makeup procedures, microblading guarantees a natural look. Since the process is very simple yet very effective and guarantees a result that will not look synthetic or unnatural at all. It is hard to see the difference between natural eyebrows and micro bladed eyebrows. The experts in microblading use high-end tools and techniques to achieve such results for their customers.

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